100% vegan and fair cuisine

Our specialty is Polish and international cuisine vegan cousine, as well as vegan street food. We invite you to two locations in the center of Krakow:

Vegan restaurant

Bracka 15, close to Main Market Square

Visit our cosy and atmospheric vegan restaurant close to the Main Market Square. We serve great vegan meals, desserts, coffee, beer and wine. Relax in our mini courtyard.


Vegan foodtruck

Szeroka 22 / Na Przejściu, Kazimierz

If you are on Kazimierz stop for a moment and try our plant based street food fom our green trailer. We are parked on Kamierz Food Square between streets: Szeroka, Na Przejściu and Dajwór.


Seasonal vegan menu

In our cuisine we look for original tastes – we combine seasonal, regional products with a rich variety of inspirations from all over the world. We know that vegan food does not have to be boring and it can be very filling. In “No Bones” you can find not only light, healthy, classical main courses but also street food composed in such a way to offer a full of taste.

Our guests fell in love with: Breaded Oyster Mushrooms, Bulgogi and Polish style minced cutlet


Plant based meat alternatives

Check out our dishes that imitate the taste and texture of meat and you will be really amazed.

Try: Tartare, No Bones Burger, No fishbones and No feathers.


Vegan cakes

What would the life without sweets mean? We prove that vegan and gluten free sweets can be truly outstanding. You just must give them a try – especially with a cup of aromatic tea of coffee.


Coffe and tea

We know that tea and coffee can stop the flow of time. Let`s celebrate this moments with best aromatic tea and coffee from local coffe roasting plant

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We survived the pandemic!

Just a year after opening our vegan restaurant, we had to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. It was not easy, but we made it – we kept the place and the vast majority of the crew. It would not be possible without our guests and the support of anti-crisis shields. We obtained subsidies under the Financial Shield 1.0, 2.0 by Polish Deleveopment Fund Group and we were awarded in the competition for the 100 most innovative projects for companies by PDFG. Thank you!