Every time you choose vegan food, you act for animal`s and climate’s benefit, no matter if you always eat vegan or only once a week; for 20 years or for 30 days. Every action matters and is of big importance. We put on diverse cuisine, which encourages to make this choice as often as possible. We choose :no drama” veganism – while creating our place we wanted to fill it with casual atmosphere and positive energy.


Here we will inform you about our actions and campaigns we get involved in.


We love nature, and ecology is the only reasonable option for us. In our restaurant we not only use natural ingredients, but also ecological cleaning products and biodegradable takeout containers. Let`s avoid plastic!


Palm oil free

Veganism does not only mean vegetable ingredients, but it also entails a wider glance at human activities. We say “No” to destroying the tropical rainforests to create palm oil plantations. That is why in our kitchen we do not use products containing this ingredient.


No Bones to moja ulubiona restauracja, bo w niej nie zabija się zwierzątek 😉

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